Motori cc a magneti permanenti 170V

170V PMDC motors

Permanent magnet DC motors (170V) LV, DS series.
Manufacted for costant speed duty, motors are characterized by excellent dynamic response. They are compact, reliable and suitable for industrial applications.







Main features

Powers:  from 75W to 4,5kW
Power supply:  170Vdc
Field:  2 poles permanent magnets
Insulation:  F/H class
Protection degree:  IP54
Mounting form:  standard IEC B3, B5 and B14 mounting
Cooling type:  selfventilated
Shilelds:  front and back made of aluminium alloy
Bearings:  double shield permanently lubricated


Accessories DC tachogenerator
Emergency brake
Ac tachogenerator
Special voltages on request
Special executions (flange and shaft) on request



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LV60, LV72, DS66

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