servomotori brushless ac dc

AC and BLDC Brushless servomotors

Synchronous rare earth magnets (NdFeB) brushless servomotors BL serie.
The BL servomotors serie are characterized by electronic commutation and sinusoidal wave shape. Excellent dynamic response and speed/torque/current linear characteristics also at low speed. Low inertia motors, compact, reliable and suitable for industrial applications.



Main features

Continuous stall torque:  from 0,4Nm to 40 Nm
Voltage supply:  depending on sizes (until 560 VDC bus)
Stator Winding:  three-phase star
Rotor:  6 or 8 poles with rare earth magnets
Feedback:  hall sensors, resolver, incremental or absolut  encoders
Insulation:  F/H class
Protection degrees:  IP54, IP65
Mounting form:  standard IEC B5 and B14 mounting
Connections:  free wires, connectors or terminal box


Accessories PTC thermal protection
Emergency brake
Special voltages on request
Special executions (flange and shaft) on request



Dowload Catalogue
BL50, BL62, BL72, BL105, BL145

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