Dinamo alternatori ed encoders

AC, DC tachogenetarors and encoders

Hollow shaft and output shaft AC and DC tachogenerators DC10R DC20R DC20RF DC60R DC60RF and hollow shaft encoders for a suitable positioning and speed control on our DC and brushless motors.






Main features

DC tacho DC06/10/14/19:  6, 10, 14 or 20VDC (generated voltage at 1000rpm)
DC tacho DC20/60:  20 or 60VDC (generated voltage at 1000rpm)
AC tacho AT101/202:  24VDC (generated voltage at 1000rpm)
Encoders:  different types

Dowload Catalogue
DC10, DC10R, DC20R,
DC20RF, DC60R, DC60RF, EH30

  • low voltage dc pmdc motors
  • 170V pmdc dc motors
  • pmdc servomotors
  • ac dc brushless servomotors
  • shunt wound compound wound dc motors
  • low voltage compound wound shunt wound dc motors
  • worm and planet gearboxes PL BW
  • ac dc tachogenerators 10V 20V 60V and encoders