Worm right angle and planetary gearboxes

Planet gearboxes PL serie (PL45 PL52C PL60C PL80C PL100C PL115C) and worm gearboxes R and BW (BW30 BW40) series for industrial purposes.





Main features

Lubrication:  lifetime grease
PL ratios:  from 4:1 to  216:1
R25 ratios:  from 10:1 to  50:1
BW ratios:  from 7:1 to  100:1

Dowload Catalogue
PL45, PL52C, PL60C,
PL80C, PL100C, PL115C, R25,
BW30, BW40, BW50

  • low voltage dc pmdc motors
  • 170V pmdc dc motors
  • pmdc servomotors
  • ac dc brushless servomotors
  • shunt wound compound wound dc motors
  • low voltage compound wound shunt wound dc motors
  • worm and planet gearboxes PL BW
  • ac dc tachogenerators 10V 20V 60V and encoders