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Shunt DC motors

Wound field DC motors ME serie.
Traditional DC motors extremely reliable and sturdy, provided with a steel frame, front and back shields made of aluminium alloy, skewed slot rotor and interpoles on all sizes.






Main features

Frame size:  from 80 to 160
Powers:  from 0,18kW to 31kW
Power supply:  dc from 110VDC to 500VDC
Field:  2 poles shunt field with series stabilizer
Insulation:  E/F class
Protection degree:  IP23,IP54, IP55
Mounting form:  standard IEC B3, B5 and B14 mounting

Cooling form:



Accessories DC tachogenerator
Emergency brake
PTC thermal protection
Special armature and field voltages on request
Special executions on request



Download Catalogue
ME80, ME100, ME112, ME132

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